About the Chamber

Our Mission Statement

Through our efforts in membership, economic development, and advocacy, we create the environment to help our members prosper and succeed through a proactive working partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a strong local economy and high quality of life.


Core Purpose

The core purpose of the San Benito Chamber of Commerce is to foster, enable, and facilitate the success of San Benito businesses, so our community is financially healthy and all the people living, working, and playing in San Benito can enjoy a high quality of life.


Vision for Chamber Success

The statements below capture the vision for what the Chamber strives for every day:

  • The Chamber is the “go to” resource for advocacy, education, and resources for San Benito businesses and for the San Benito community overall.
  • Chamber members rely on and respect the value and benefits we consistently deliver.  As a result, our members participate in our programs because we are/they are so relevant, pertinent, and “business cool” – our members feel that our programs are events “that can’t be missed” and “can’t live without.”  They feel the Chamber and our programs are integral to their financial and organizational success.
  • We work very closely with and are considered a strategic, trusted partner by the City of San Benito.  We are a national model for creating and sustaining strategic partnerships with organizations that support business success resulting in a vibrant, economically healthy San Benito.
  • Our Chamber Board working committees and Task Forces are well-led and enjoy strong support and Chamber member participation.
  • The Chamber is financially self-sustaining.  We are committed to environmental leadership and serve as a model for environmental stewardship for our City and our members.